Render RSBV (002)

Rising Stem Ball Valve

Size range: 1” up to 36”
ANSI pressure class: 150# up to 4500#
Temperature range: -196°C up to 550°C
Materials: All materials available on request
Connections: RF – RTJ – Hub connections – Buttweld
Bore: Reduced or Full (Piggable)
Manual: Handwheel/Gear
Actuated: Electric, Hydraulic, Electro-hydraulic and Pneumatic


  • The RSBV has a unique linear only operated helix system which allows the valve to move friction free. No friction between the ball and seat makes the RSBV extremely suitable for frequently cycling as it significantly reduces valve wear and keeps routine maintenance to a minimum.
  • Metal to metal sealing is achieved by applying a lapping technique on the overlaid stellite alloy material on the ball and seat. Sealing tightness up to ANSI Class Vl and zero leakage.
  • Top entry design allows visual inspection inside the valve without removing the valve from the pipeline, preventing downtime in your facility. Due to the convenient outside screw and yoke design, no special tooling is required to adjust the stem packing.
  • When the valve is fully open, the stem seals are under pressure and reinforced by the backseat to mitigate the risk of a possible blowout, the RSBV will not be a weak spot in your integrated system.


  • Molecular sieve
  • Hydrogen service
  • Emergency Shut down
  • Hot oil installations
  • Gas dehydration and regeneration
  • Critical and Lethal service
  • Cryogenic service
  • Sand slurry
  • Frequent cycling service
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